Our service is always at your side whether it is for spare parts, software updates or special requirements - serv-o-tec offers a comprehensive package of solutions for our technical support of your existing serv-o-tec machines as well as for upgrades. Our experienced team of service technicians and engineers is available to offer advice and support.

Sigrid Müller

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Wir bieten einen optimalen, schnellen und zuverlässigen Service

Reduction of downtime is becoming more and more important for our customers worldwide. With the tight delivery schedules our customers have, downtime of production lines can cause major headaches. Our fast reacting spare parts service combined with delivery services such as FedEx and UPS guarantee global deliveries within a few hours. Our modern CNC parts production helps us meet customer needs. Whenever you need help, give us a call.


Wir bieten einen optimalen, schnellen und zuverlässigen Service

We provide assistance through Ethernet access in the area of electrical troubleshooting. This is a great help for our worldwide customers. With Ethernet access we are able to see all areas of your machine. This enables us to assist you with troubleshooting or advise you with setup changes. Currently all of our machines are equipped with Ethernet access. With Ethernet access we are even able to download software upgrades to your machine without a service visit; so you are always up to date.


Wir bieten einen optimalen, schnellen und zuverlässigen Service

Short response times guarantee a competitive advantage. We are able to quickly and individually respond to your needs with our modern CNC parts production. With our own CNC parts production, we are able to react immediately to your needs and have control over our quality.